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The books below are presented in the order they were written:


The Star Prophecy: Book One of the Daughters of Prophecy

Aerdrin, a magical wielder of the elements, is driven away from her beloved mountain sanctuary by a horrific vision. Haunted by a prophecy of death and destruction, she must brave a world where women like her are hated, hunted, and burned alive. To Talehndor, an ancient land of mystery and majesty, she travels, knowing only that she must seek out Kaid, the Throne Prince, for he alone can prevent the devastation of her vision.

Kaid faces trials of his own, not least of which is his betrothal to a woman he detests.  The proposed marriage will forge a powerful alliance for his kingdom, and Kaid will do anything to be worthy of the throne he so recently reclaimed, but the mantle of duty weighs more heavily on him once he meets Aerdrin.

Together, Aerdrin and Kaid must face that most powerful of enemies–fate.  Their weapons may mean salvation or destruction. To save a kingdom, will destiny demand more of them than they can bear to give?

A spellbinding tale of love and adventure, twists and  Turns, myth and magic. If you finished The Lord of the Rings and longed for more of the love story between Aragorn and Arwen, or if you longed to read an epic fantasy tale, like The Wheel of Time, but written by a romance author, then The Star Prophecy is the book for you. Download it today!

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The Priestess Book Cover

The Priestess: The Daughters of Prophecy Novella

Sisters of the Star are women entrusted with the ancient mysteries of the realm. They are capable, responsible, and powerful. All except Gloriana.

Gloriana is the flighty one, the flirt. She knows more about perfumes than about power. She’s better with men than with magic. When she becomes unwittingly embroiled in a scandal, she is sent on a mission to a remote part of the kingdom, where she vows not to let any man distract her from her duty.

That vow is strained to breaking when she meets Micah Stone.

Micah hasn’t sworn off all women, just the wrong women, and Gloriana is definitely the wrong woman. She’s a priestess! Hardly the kind of woman a man should be having romantic fantasies about. But when Micah witnesses Gloriana slaying a fire tiger, a creature of legend and nightmare, he becomes convinced there is more to Forest Gate’s new priestess than she lets people see.

Beastly attacks, spontaneous blazes, and a mysterious glow in the eastern sky threaten not just the village, but the entire kingdom. Facing down such a threat as this will require someone capable, someone with power, someone with magic.

But the someone fate chose is Gloriana.

Can she be the woman Micah believes she is? Can she find within herself the courage to answer destiny’s call and walk into the heart of the firestorm?

The Priestess reads as a satisfying standalone or as a spectacular follow up to the Star Prophecy: Book One of The Daughters of Prophecy. If you like your romance with a side of action and adventure, then download The Priestess today!

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The Princess Destiny Book Cover

The Princess Destiny: Book Two of the Daughters of Prophecy

Liera, princess of Cantara, wants nothing of royalty and the court intrigue that inevitably accompanies it. She’s much happier hiding out in neighboring Talehndor, where the days are warm and life is peaceful. She knows she should have returned to her native land, but what awaits her there is a battle, one that will pit her against her own father for control of the throne.

The sunny weather isn’t the only thing keeping Liera in Talehndor. Cian, the fiercest warrior of a generation, left Cantara in search of the princess he’d loved since childhood. In Talehndor, they can be together in a way they never can be in Cantara. When she was little more than a girl, Liera was forced into a marriage with Cian’s brother, a marriage she wasn’t sorry to see end with her husband’s death. Now, under Cantaran law Liera and Cian are as near as blood relations. A marriage between them is forbidden.

When Liera learns that raiders from across the Sea of Fates are invading Cantara, she knows that her respite from the tyranny of royal life is over. The time has come to face her destiny as the rightful ruler of Cantara, even if it means giving up the only love she’s ever known.

Together, Liera and Cian venture into a cruel, windswept land where enemies lay in wait around every corner and betrayals are as common as the thick fog on the moors. Into this forbidding land, they carry not only their forbidden passion, but also secrets — ones with as much power as any danger they face to tear them apart forever.

If you like romances with strong, capable heroines and adventures — not to mention a hero — that will make your heart race, then download The Princess Destiny today.

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