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My new book, The Priestess: A Daughters of Prophecy Novella is live on Amazon. The action in this story picks up just after the events in The Star Prophecy, but the main characters are different. The heroine of The Priestess is Gloriana, one of the Sisters of the Star.

Sisters of the Star are women entrusted with the ancient mysteries of the realm. They are capable, responsible, and powerful. All except Gloriana. She’s the flighty one, the flirt. She knows more about perfumes than about power. She’s better with men than with magic. When Gloriana becomes the object of scandal, the queen sends her on a mission to a remote part of the kingdom. Wanting desperately to be worthy of the queen’s trust in her, Gloriana vows that she won’t let any man distract her from her mission — a vow that is strained to breaking when she meets Micah Stone.

Micah hasn’t sworn off all women, just the wrong women. Gloriana is definitely the wrong woman. She might seem to like life in the tiny village of Forest Gate, but Micah knows that once Gloriana completes her mission, she’ll race back to her life in the city. What’s more, she’s a priestess, hardly the kind of woman a man should be having romantic fantasies about. But when Micah watches as Gloriana is forced to slay a fire tiger, a creature of legend and nightmare, he becomes convinced there is more to Forest Gate’s new priestess than she lets people see.

Beastly attacks, spontaneous blazes igniting on the village green, and a fiery glow in the eastern sky threaten not just the village, but the entire kingdom. Facing down such a threat as this will require someone capable, someone with power, someone with magic. But the someone fate chose is Gloriana.

Can she be the woman Micah believes she is? Can she find within herself the courage to answer destiny’s call and walk into the heart of the firestorm?

Final Priestess, no layers

Isn’t the cover beautiful! Lisa at Stump House Publishing did an amazing job.

Want more? You know you do. Visit to buy the book. It’s only $0.99 right now.  Or go here to read the first scene.

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