It’s That Time of Year Again

Shopping, holiday parties, cooking, gift wrapping — it must be that time of year. Yep, the time of year when I decide to publish a book. You’d think I would have learned my lesson last year, when The Star Prophecy was published less than two weeks before Christmas. Apparently though, I am not a fast learner.
I think I just write better in the fall. Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures. Maybe it’s the pumpkin spice candle. Or maybe, even probably, it’s that there’s a clock ticking at the subconscious level announcing that another year has come and is nearly gone. Pressure, more than anything, turns a good idea into a good book. Of this, I am convinced.
I have to say, the highlight of my Thanksgiving was the mashed potatoes. If you cook and have even a passing fondness for the potato, I highly recommend Pioneer Woman’s roasted garlic mashed potato recipe. It’s easy, delicious, and healthy. Actually, I’m lying about that last one. I’m not even going to tell you how much butter I put in these potatoes. Really, it’s shameful.
For Sprout and Rosy Posy, the highlight of the Thanksgiving weekend was the appearance of the Elf on the Shelf. For those of you who might have heard me go on and on about how creepy I think those things are, well let me tell you they’re actually even creepier in person. Still, the kids love the little bugger, and that’s the important thing. Sprout is six years old. I know my days of Christmas being a time of magic are numbered, so I’m going to wring all the wonder out of this year that I can, even if that means getting an elf. His name is Peppermint, in case you were curious.
Now with Thanksgiving out of the way, I can start playing Christmas music. Okay, you caught me— I’ve been playing Christmas music for two weeks already. But now I can do it without getting the stink eye from my husband.
What are your favorite and not so favorite parts of this season?

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