The Worst Part

You want to know what the worst part, the really terrible part of the writing process is? Let me tell you. It’s whatever part you’re doing right now.

I spent several weeks devoting much of my time to marketing and learning about marketing. You might recall that I whined and belly ached the entire time. Before that, I was revising my monster 156,000-word novel down to something manageable that didn’t make me want to throw my laptop through a closed window. Again, I whined and belly ached the entire time I was revising. I looked back with misty-eyed nostalgia on those years, yes years, that I spent drafting. Ah, those were the days. So care free, so inspiring. Drafting, that’s the really awesome part of writing.

Guess what I’m doing now? Yep, drafting.

And what comes next? Yep, I whine and belly ache. Seriously people, I’m worse then my children when confronted with a plate of spinach. I am the town lush staggering into a WA meeting. My name is Ainsley and I’m a whiner.

Writing is hard. You spend hour after hour inhabiting your own mind and waiting for something interesting to happen there. If you don’t think that’s hard, go right now and sit still and quiet for five minutes. No TV, no smart phone, no internet. Just you and your thoughts. Unless you are experienced at meditation or are actually a zombie, you will want to claw out your eyeballs in under two minutes flat. Now do that still and quiet and waiting for something interesting thing while the knowledge that you have committed to writing a second book in a series taps you on the shoulder. Then you think about the faith your friends and family have in your ability. Tap tap. Then there’s money. You aren’t doing this for fun; baby really does need a new pair of shoes. tap tap tap. Speaking of children, shouldn’t you be spending more time with them instead of sitting here drooling on this keyboard? Tap tap tap tap.


You’re a victim of your own Chinese water torture.

You snap out of it, wipe the sweat from your brow, and realize that it was all in your head. Whew. Thank goodness that’s over. So where was I?

Right, drafting the second novel.

Tap tap.

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