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Here’s the thing, when you indy publish, you are responsible for doing all your own marketing. Okay, from what I gather, that’s also true for 99.99% of traditionally published authors as well. My point is that writing and marketing are inextricably linked– attached by a heavy iron chain around my writerly neck. I have yet to meet the writer who got in the business for the awesome marketing opportunities. Nope, not one. If writing is being a chef, then marketing is having to wash your own dishes.

But if writers don’t actively market their books, then how will readers ever find out about them?

Wow, I sure hope I didn’t lead you to believe I’d give you the answer to that question. Truth is, I got no freaking clue. Pray maybe.. Or turn to graffiti. There social media of course, which is apparently the 21st century answer to anything, but the facts are that no solid research can point to a causal relationship between number of tweets/followers and publishing success. I suppose one could hire book marketers and promoters, but I’m in this to make money, not spend it.

The cold, hard truth is that the way to success in publishing is to write more books. Ding ding! As it happens, a love of telling stories is why I started down this path in the first place. But I have to admit to twinges of guilt every time I sit down to work on a new book. It’s like I hear the already published book moaning forlornly, “But what about me? Don’t you love me anymore?”

Second to writing more books in all the good advice on marketing is to build a community based on honest, authentic interactions.

Hang on. So what I’m hearing is that marketing at its most effective is about writing good books and hanging out with people who like chatting about books and writing? Hmmm. Turns out I don’t hate this marketing thing so much after all.

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