I resolve.

Happy New Year! That 2013, that was a doozy, no? As hard as it was, what with my husband losing his job, I’m giving a huge high five to our family for making some truly awesome lemonade. I learned some important lessons last year. First, that when it’s balls-to-the-wall, go-for-broke time, I can deliver. That is a mighty handy thing to know about oneself. I also learned that family, friends, and Betties will lift you up. Word, people. Even when I think it’s me against the world, somebody’s always got my back. I’m going to spend today basking in the comfort of that.

I’ve got big plans for you, 2014. Here are just a few of my resolutions:

  • I will contact- via email, Facebook, or Twitter- the authors of every book that I read and enjoy this year to say thank you for telling me a great story.
  • I will donate $1,000 to charity. I may have to do it in $5 and $10 increments, but I believe in the abundance of the universe and that what you send out you get back.
  • I will have one quiet, child-free meal a week with my husband. No, I have no idea how I’ll manage it, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?
  • I will live more fully in the present. This is a hard one for me. I want to enjoy playing outside with my children instead of worrying about the to-do list waiting for me inside.
  • I will get a dog. I love dogs. I feel strongly that children should grow up with pets. My last dog passed away when my son was only a few months old. She will never, ever be replaced, but it’s time for my kids to start forming the unique relationship one can only have with a dog.
  • I will write at least two books this year, books two and three in The Daughters of Prophecy series, to be exact.
  • I will pitch my nonfiction book proposal to a traditional publisher.
  • I will publish at least three articles in national magazines. Hey, I’m nothing if not adventurous.
  • I will finally find an herbal tea that I like as much as I like coffee. I could be asking the impossible here.
  • I will do at least one completely frivolous thing a month. I have no idea what those things could be, but my life is completely lacking in frivolity right now.

That’s enough to get started with. So now that I’ve convinced you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m insane, in what ways do you plan to make 2014 an awesome year?

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  1. Nan says:

    I so respect this list (except for the herbal tea for coffee one! Seriously? Coffee is a gift, drink it in abundance and if the caffeine is bothering you, go decaf, but never ever give up coffee!) Frivolity is something missing in my life as well, so I’m thinking that one is my take-away today. Good luck with all the others, babe, and make 2014 a stellar year!

    • I love coffee with an unholy passion. It is the nectar of the gods, I’m convinced, but I’ve been warned that the caffeine is contributing to my vertigo. I have yet to find a decaf coffee that holds any appeal for me at all. Do you have any suggestion for a decaf or half caf alternative?

  2. illy espresso makes a decaf coffee that is utter heaven. i am not even much of a coffee drinker but i adore the stuff.

  3. Kate George says:

    No resolutions. I’m not a resolution person. Plans, yes. I have some plans. Focus more on my health and see if I can get the diabetes under control again now that I can exercise. Write. Novels and stories. Finish the book I meant to publish last year.

    I don’t know if the universe is going to cooperate with these plans. Last year kind of trampled all over the things I thought were important and now I have to start over.

    • Kate, The 13 in 2013 really lived up to its billing for a lot of us, didn’t it? Best of luck. I have complete faith in you. Also, your adoring fans will show up to handcuff you to your desk if we don’t get another book soon. I know, I’m organizing the mob even now. 🙂 Peace, hugs, and sparkly rainbows.

  4. deborahblake1 says:

    I had to give up caffeine for years because of mitral valve prolapse…it gave me palpitations. Even now, I can only have one cup a day, fairly light. I use Newman’s Own Special Decaf, and it’s not bad. I also like Roasterama herbal tea (Celestial Seasonings), especially with a little milk or half and half in it.

    Great resolutions! I’m working on balance, which definitely means taking more time to enjoy things.

  5. Braless Betty says:

    I like your list. I ditto the roastorama, I used to drink that when I wanted to cut coffee. Can’t remember why though. Also, have you tried hickory, it’s not bad either.

  6. Thanks everyone for the herbal tea recommendations. I’m working my way through some good pumpkin spice blend that I got from Barnes and Noble. I still haven’t kicked the one cup of coffee in the morning habit though. And okay, maybe I sneak one more in the afternoon, but I almost never drink all of that one. I’m off to … not get coffee … no, really, not at all. Maybe I’ll just sniff the grounds from this morning. 🙂

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