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Book reviews are hard to write. That’s why I don’t write them. That’s also why I have so much respect for people who do write them. Book reviews are also an art form all their own. A well-crafted book review will make a reader think, not just about the book being reviewed, but about the overall subject matter.
The very best book reviews will tell you about a book, a subject, and entertain you all at the same time. The worst book reviews entertain by being nasty and mean, and I have no use for those. A book is even harder to write than a review. Anybody who has the will and perseverance to finish a book gets my respect, regardless of what I thought of the book.
That said, there is little I enjoy more than talking books with other avid readers. One of the people whose taste in books runs along the same lines as mine is my friend Diva. No, that isn’t her real name, but trust me, it should be. Diva is also a writer. She’s currently revising her own romantic comedy novel, so she gets how hard it is to put out a quality product. She’s offered to post some book reviews here. Or maybe I begged her to. Anyway, it’s water under the bridge now.
Tomorrow, the first of the Diva reviews will go live here. It’s a review of Lauren Oliver’s Delirium, a Distopian YA novel that takes place in a world where people are surgically altered so they can’t love. How’s that for an interesting premise? So come back tomorrow and we’ll chat about it in the comments.

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2 comments on “On book reviews
  1. Nan says:

    What a cool idea having a book reviewer on your blog! Diva’s reviews will be fun and informative because she is a good writer! I hate writing reviews too, even though I love to read, so you’ve found the answer, baby! Nice! Looking forward to tomorrow’s review. 😉

  2. Diva loves a fabulous introduction. Diva also loves talking about herself in third person. Diva loves you, baby.

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