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Two things were critical to helping me power through and finish the book. Wait, I should probably include my husband in that list, so there are actually three things.

The first is the afore mentioned husband, who shall, for the purposes of this blog, be heretofore referred to as Michael. The reason for this is simple; that’s his name. I have referred to him as DH and the Patron Saint of Patience. I tried to think of something original and cutesy to call him, but I’m all tapped out on creativity, so he’s just plain Michael. Still, he did make me an omelet at 11 pm one night after I skipped dinner to write, so Captain Awesome is an entirely appropriate moniker, if you prefer that one.

The second and third things I needed were the Christmas Eve scented Yankee candle and Southern Comfort vanilla spice egg nog. When I started writing this book nine (Gaah!) years ago, it was over the Christmas holiday, and having the egg nog and candle helped me recapture some of that early magic. In the interest of full disclosure, there isn’t really any Southern Comfort in the Southern Comfort vanilla spice egg nog. You have to add that separately, which I highly recommend, but not if you’re trying to finish a book.

So those are my holiday recommendations to you, even if you aren’t writing a book. The Christmas Eve candle smells like cinnamon and cranberries and spices and … well, it just smells like Christmas. Go get one, you’ll love it. And the egg nog– I do not want to hear from the egg nog haters of the world. What is the matter with you people!

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  1. Skye says:

    Mmmm … eeeeeggggg noooogggg! So glad it’s that time of year. I have never added Southern Comfort, but it sounds like a good idea. Is the Vanilla Spice part of a recipe or a type of egg nog you have in your area of the country?

    Writing props are essential. My main prop for mornings, writing, work is a big mug of tea with milk. It grounds me (and helps me stay alert and comforted). When I worked regularly in an office, I often had cut flowers of the kind that have scents. I’ll have to think about a scented candle. I don’t like most scents because they are artificial, but there used to be naturally scented candles I used to buy. If I can’t find them, well I’ve made them in the past, so I can make them again. I think that even having a small bowl of water with a few drops of a particular essential oil in it would do the trick (peppermint for mental alertness, lavender or vanilla for soothing).

    Nine years is a long time, but then you had some distractions in there. So I feel better about how it’s been over a year since I touched the first draft of my novel. 🙂

  2. Skye, the brand is Southern Comfort, and it says vanilla spice on it. It is yummy! I used to dab cotton balls with essential oils and put them in desk drawers and the like. Bars of soap are another way to get scent if candles smell too artificial to you. Natural soaps are easy to find these days and smell wonderful. Never feel bad about not writing, but remember to write when you feel good about writing. In my case, that whole needing to eat thing was just the kick in the pants I needed to finish the book.

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