Overworking the Dough

Author Extraordinaire Lani Diane Rich said it on a recent Storywonk podcast– overworking the dough. I’m at that point in the revision process. I don’t know if I’m cooking up something wonderful or turning out something bland, overdone, and tasteless. At the end of my first draft, I had a euphoric sense of having created something magical. And now I’m so close to this thing, so consumed by it, I am unable to judge if it’s mess or if it’s magic.

But I’m seeing it through if only as a learning experience. For the past several days, I’ve written between 2K and 4K words a day. Those are NaNo numbers, folks, and it’s still October. Yesterday, I wrote until my ass was numb and my MacBook battery was nearly dead. I skipped lunch and dinner, stumbled into the living room, and fell onto the couch. I slept through both of my children poking and saying very loudly, “Mommy, are you awake?”

FYI, things that are cute on a regular day are much less so on a 4,000-word writing day.

But I will finish this. I will do this. Because telling stories is part of who I am. In spite of the hard work and the not altogether positive circumstances that led me here, I have the opportunity to do what I always said I wanted to do. That’s not a blessing I’ll be taking lightly. So I’ll keep stirring this story, hopefully adding in a pinch of magic or a dash of wonder here and there, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll serve up a satisfying story that readers will be glad they sat down to.

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  1. Nan says:

    Be brave, little soldier. You can so do this and although I hate to be the one to tell you–this isn’t your last revision. Both Willow Bay books went through more than I can count. But it’s so worth it, I promise!! Hugs!

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