An Ode to Bodice Rippers

Ah the romance novel. In the literary family, she’s the second cousin that the rest of the family doesn’t like to talk about. Just the thought of that skirt she wore to last year’s Christmas party is enough to make Grandaddy Medical Thriller’s ears turn red and have Great Aunt Literary Fiction calling for her smelling salts. But you won’t see Uncle Bestsellers sneering at the black sheep of the family, no indeed. Uncle Bestsellers manages the family finances, so he’s more than happy to share a scotch on the rocks with Cousin Romi. Sure, he might stand a little too close if she’s wearing those fishnet stockings or that shirt that shows off her tramp stamp. But if the attention, overt or otherwise, gets to much for Romi, she’ll excuse herself and swagger out to the veranda to chat with Great Great Great Granny Jane. Granny Jane knows the score. Granny Jane, sitting primly in her wheelchair, a knitted throw over her lap, remembers the days when she used to get those same condescending looks and hushed whispers every time she walked in a room. There was a time when it bothered her, but that was long, long ago. When she thinks back on those days now, it isn’t the disapproval that causes that blush to come to her cheeks. No, it’s the memory of that one evening with Mr. Rochester after all the guests had gone, or that one carriage ride through the park she took with Mr. Darcy on a lovely spring evening. Cousin Romi smiles and nods. Oh yeah, Granny Jane gets her.
“Now, tell me another story about those vampires, Dear,” Granny says.
And she does. Cousin Romi has always got a story to tell.

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One comment on “An Ode to Bodice Rippers
  1. Nan says:

    What a fun post! Interesting too in light of the fact that whenever I post anything at all about my writing career on the Discussion List for my editorial freelancer network, it gets completely ignored. Even when I posted that I was releasing two new books on my 60th birthday…not so much as hearty congratulations from the literati. It was a virtual sniff and noses in the air. Cousin Romi and I would get along just fine!

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