Fantasy vs. Reality

I am a fantasy romance writer, so you are forgiven for thinking this post is about fantasy worlds that I create vs. the real world. This post is actually about how my fantasy of being a published novelist came crashing into the reality of the need to work for money.

In August, my son started kindergarten and my daughter started part time in a preschool program. Yippee! Finally, I was going to have time to write. So I spent those first few days of alone time doing what most mothers in my situation do; I gave the house a thorough cleaning and made elaborate dinners to assuage my guilt over sending my baby girl off into the big bad world alone. Okay, so she’s actually two years old and it was pre preschool, but still. There was guilt. The writing? I was working into that. Slooowly. Fast forward one month.

My husband got corporate downsized. And our family income got corporate downsized. Way down. We had one of “those” talks. He really wanted to spend more time with the kids. I wanted to do something beyond stay at home mothering, but I absolutely did not want to go back into an office job. Shiver. So that getting back into writing slooowly thing ? Yeah, that plan got railroaded onto the fast track. I’m writing my ass off, lining up editorial assistance, pitching articles, and working up a nonfiction book proposal. This is not how I envisioned my reentry into the working world.

Nevertheless, I am writing, and my husband is enjoying time with the kids. I wouldn’t say we’ve made lemonade yet, but we’re working on it.

So seriously people, be careful what you wish for

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4 comments on “Fantasy vs. Reality
  1. Sounds like a setback that will ending up being good for both of you. Sorry for the short term stress it causes, though.

  2. lora96litdiva says:

    Think of it as opportunity breaking all the windows.

  3. londonmabel says:

    Well, we often produce more under pressure… sadly. Good luck!

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