Why Self Publish?

There are articles littering the internet to help you choose whether or not self publishing is right for you. There are certainly benefits to going the traditional publishing route, and all reasons are valid, just as every choice is valid. But for me, self publishing was the hands-down, logical choice. Here are a few reasons why.

I like to write stories. I do not like to write query letters and synopses. I love learning new things, but I’d rather learn about new ways to develop character or techniques to write faster than to learn the names and specific submission preferences of every fantasy romance agent and editor in New York.

If I’m going to have to do my own marketing anyway, I’d rather make more money for my efforts. Whether you’re traditionally published or self published, marketing your book is part of your job. I feel confident saying that it is the least favorite part of the job for most writers.

The slush pile is the proving ground for new authors. It’s no longer enough to send in your manuscript after jumping through the proper series of hoops and have an editor decide she likes your work enough to take a risk on it. No, that editor is probably going to also want to know what your ebook sales numbers were. I think publishers are largely out of the business of risk these days. Also, I am klutzy and don’t jump through hoops well.

My story is not what’s hot right now. It’s not YA and it’s not vampires and it isn’t 50 Shades of anything. I am notorious for being behind on trends (Or maybe I’m way ahead on trends?) but I can only write stories that I really want to write, which I think is true of most, if not all, authors. And I think self publishing ebooks is the best way for my stories to find their peeps.

I am lining up other self published authors to interview here on the blog because I want people to know that self publishing is not a last resort option and that the ebook only market has just as much quality, craft, and professionalism as traditional publishers. Keep checking in for more on my author line up.

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  1. YOUR story is timeless. It is also trendy in the game of thrones-y way (says the chick without cable who just thinks GoT is about some epic fantasy stuff). It rocks and will rock even more when I BUY THE EBOOK yay!

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